We offer a full range of services for LED light housings, including LED light housing, LED floodlight housing, LED street light housing and LED wall pack housing.

  • Parts and tool design.
  • Simulation and Evaluation.
  • Prototype making.
  • Tool construction.
  • Tryout and parts production.
  • Post cast machining.
  • Vibratory finishing and shot blasting.
  • Various surface finishing.

Our process starts with the selection of materials that are best suited for the product and exhibit the desired properties for its application. Once the alloy and its properties are decided upon, the process moves on to our high pressure die casting equipment. We operate different die-casting machines from 300 to 800 tons locking force and can cast parts varies weight of LED light housings.

The company is committed to constant improvement in every facet of the operation – melting metal, casting, post cast processing, quality control, shipping and office efficiency.

The only thing you need to do is let us know your detailed requirement and we will finish the left things for you.