LED flood light housing  supplier and manufacturer Moonlight offer a wide range of unique, heavy-duty, modern design, precision die-casting molded, superior corrosion resistant coating finish, energy-efficient and cost-effective COB LED flood light case and SMD LED flood light housing. In our C family SMD LED light housings, there are seven models: MLT-FLH-CXXS-II, MLT-FLH-CXS-II, MLT-FLH-CS-II, MLT-FLH-CM-II, MLT-FLH-CL-II, MLT-FLH-CXL-II, MLT-FLH-CXXL-II. LED floodlights are specifically designed for various kinds of places, including office buildings, monuments, facades, columns, flag poles, bridges, commercial, mixed retail, apartments, schools, campuses, stadiums, squares, billboards, parking lots, building exterior wall, etc. They focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range. This makes them perfect for outdoor lighting applications such as LED landscape lighting, statue lighting, architectural lighting, LED sign lighting, building facade lighting, tree uplighting, wall wash lighting, outdoor accent lighting, and garden lighting.