Street Light Cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II

LED Street Light Cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II

LED Street Light Cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II

LED Street Light Cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II

Brief Introduction

This LED street light cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II is the smallest size of SMD LED street light housing fixture from Moonlight LED street light K series. You can find three models in this family. The small size MLT-SLH-KS-II and the medium size MLT-SLH-KM-II. Modern design, precision die-casting molded and superior corrosion resistant coating finish housing with standard twist lock photocell mounting platform, make this LED street light housing can be used for variety of LED roadway lighting applications.


  • Durable aluminum alloy die-casting LED street light cabinet for heavy-duty outdoor lighting applications.
  • Ribbon-free and compact design.
  • Separate LED light engine and driver box for easy maintenance.
  • Tool-less design for replace the LED driver without any tool.
  • The bottom of the driver box has the GND bosses for security.
  • Plastic electrostatic spraying to resist corrosion, chipping and fading.
  • Adjustable knuckle slip fitter with SUS304 stainless steel hardware secures fixture to pole arm.
  • Side-entry or post-top mounting. Universal mounting pieces allows precise adjustment on-site.
  • 5mm high light transmittance tempered glass diffuser.
  • Silicon gaskets.
  • SUS304 stainless steel bolts and clips for fastening
  • Standard S6000 socket and twist lock photocell mounting platform for lighting control.
  • Quick disconnection terminal block mounting platform for disconnect the power supply for linemen handling security.
  • IP66 rated, protect from all dust and harsh weather.
  • Standard Gray finish.
  • Easy to assemble, install and linemen friendly maintain.

Mechanical Dimensions

LED Street Light Cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II Mechanical Dimensions


Model No. LED Street Light Cabinet MLT-SLH-KXS-II
Dimension of Housing 57.2cm(L)*19.5cm(W)*9.3cm(H)
Fixture Material Die-casting Aluminum Alloy
Die-casting Aluminum Alloy Weight 2200g
Surface Finish Color Gray or Customized color
Material of Diffuser High Transmittance Tempered glass
Effective MCPCB Mounting Size 175mm(L)*130mm(W)
Compatible Lenses 6PCS 50mm*50mm Lenses
Recommended LED Power 40W to 80W
Driver Box Dimension 150mm(L)*85mm(W)*50mm(H)
Pole Mounting Accommodates up to Φ65mm pipe
Adjustable Slip Fitter -15°to +15°
Standard Photocell Optional
Quick Disconnection Terminal Block Optional
IP Rating IP66


LED Street Light Housing MLT-SLH-KXS-II Front View
LED Street Light Housing MLT-SLH-KXS-II Front View
LED Street Light Housing MLT-SLH-KXS-II Back View
LED Street Light Housing MLT-SLH-KXS-II Back View

Packing Information

Net Weight 3.0kg/PCS
Gross weight 3.5kg/carton
Quantity 1PCS/ carton
Carton Size 61cm(L)*23cm(W)*13.5cm(H)


This heavy-duty, modern design and cost-effective LED street light cabinet fixture is typically used as 40W-80W LED street lighting fixture. LED street lighting is used extensively in urban settings, along small town downtown main streets, in residential neighborhoods, in commercial districts, public squares, in industrial parks, at interstate highway interchanges, bridges, and rural intersections.

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