What is impact protection for LED light housing?

impact protection

impact protection

impact protection
impact protection

More and more customers require the LED street light housings can pass the test IK08 at least, but many practitioners are feel confused with impact protect standard.

Why we need impact protection (IK) test?

It is from the European standard EN 62262, which is equival the international standard IEC 62262(2002) –relates to IK ratings of lighting products for street, roadway, etc. IK ratings are required in specific applications when high impact glass provides protection for the enclosed lamps. IEC 62262 specifies the way enclosures should be tested for IK ratings which are defined as the level of protection the enclosures provided against external mechanical impacts.

How to classify LED street lighting fixtures IK ratings?

IK ratings help to classify LED street light housing fixtures by its resistance to impacts by Kinetic energy, while IEC 62262 specifies the way LED street light housing fixtures should be mounted when tests are carried out, the atmospheric conditions that should prevail, the number of impacts and their (even) distribution, and the size, style, material, dimensions etc. of the various types of hammer designed to produce the energy levels required. Please be noted that normally it is tested with luminaire.

IK ratings are defined as IKXX, where “XX” is a number from 00 to 10 indicating the degrees of protection provided by electrical enclosures including luminaires) against external mechanical impacts.

IK Ratings of Protection Against External Mechanical Impacts
IK Ratings IK00 IK01 IK02 IK03 IK04 IK05 IK06 IK07 IK08 IK09 IK10
Impact Energy (J) Non-protected 0.14 0.2 0.35 0.5 0.7 1 2 5 10 20
Impact Test Characteristics
IK Ratings IK00 IK01 to IK05 IK06 IK07 IK08 IK09 IK10
Impact energy (joules) * <1 1 2 5 10 20
R mm (radius of striking element) * 10 10 25 25 50 50
Material * polyamide1 polyamide1 steel2 steel2 steel2 steel2
Mass kg * 0.2 0.5 0.5 1.7 5 5
Pendulum hammer * Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spring hammer * Yes Yes Yes No No No
Free fall hammer * No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

From the IK ratings and test method we can know that the LED street light housing fixtures must be strong enough to make sure it can pass the test, but unfortunately, LED lighting industry is so competitive nowadays, and many LED light housings are getting thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter.